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It all started when I was a stay at home mom to our first son Isaac. I wanted to find a way to stay at home with our kids and use my creative side to do so. I began making Bandana Bibs as a fashionable yet functional way to keep my son dry.  I have always found that the traditional bibs over powered his outfits and would often fall off overtime as the velcro wore. Isaac received so many amazing outfits as gifts... but the traditional bibs would hide such a cute onesie or top... but if he didn't wear a bib he would be out of that outfit and into the next as he would be soaked from drool. I love the versatility of our Bandana Bibs; they're fashionable yet functional and just darling on our wee ones. I couldn't find anything like it around so I created my own. Now 4 years later we are still going strong and expanding our line into other goods for the family. We proudly design all our goods in house and work with a manufacture that adheres to strict ethical guidelines as well as environmental saving measures. Having our goods responsibly and ethically made by a small scale manufacturing firm is of great importance to us. Knowing that we can support so many people in the process means heaps to us. The makers who made our goods, the family that sold our goods in their shop, and our wee family who designed them. We are also grateful that we can donate proceeds from every sale to organizations in need. Please follow along on to where these funds are going to work on our blog.

Hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! Thank you for supporting a Mum & Pop Shop.



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