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June 26, 2017

Since our little companies conception we always wanted to give back. From the beginning when we first started, we partnered with a local Calgary organization called 'Adele's Over the Rainbow Basket's'. Krista who manages this organization goes into the hospital and supports families who give birth to children with Down syndrome. She does this by giving them a basket full of goodies and resources that will be useful to the family. We are continuing to work with Krista and her baskets by donating proceeds from various sales that we host.

Going forward we have decided that we could do more. We are going to be donating a portion of proceeds from EVERY sale of EVERY item in the shop to initiatives abroad and locally. Every couple of months we will pick a new organization that could use these dollars to do good work. With so much going on globally we want to see some good start to happen. Planting seeds of hope with our friends around the world. This is why we have chosen to work with a fair trade manufacturer. We know that families are being able to be cared for with the employment they are given. To see why else we chose to work with this manufacturer please visit our Info section of our website. We are so thrilled you have chosen to purchase our goods and see a portion of proceeds given to those in need.

Our first initiative will be to empower people out of poverty both Globally and Locally. If you know a great organization that would be a great fit please email me through the contact page. We would love love love to know. Each organization will be properly vetted before we select one to partner with.

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Our first abroad initiative.
Our first abroad initiative.

June 26, 2017

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